About Us

BAQLAVA London is tasty pastry and we are the foodies from Gaziantep, Turkey, living in London and craving for original Baklava which is the best dessert on planet! Be sure that so many people are searching for the best Baklava in London like us.  

So we decided to bring the best Baklava to Londoners with BAQLAVA brand. 

Everybody on planet must have to taste the original, best quality Baklava which is originally made in Gaziantep with best quality ingredients which are premium Gaziantep pistachio, ghee butter, beetroot sugar and wheat flour.

Meet with the best Baklava with special methods to keep it fresh and crispy without using any preservatives or additives from Gaziantep where is the city of taste in Turkey, awarded as a creative city of gastronomy by UNESCO in 2015.

It is time for you to taste the original Baklava from BAQLAVA London. We are 100% sure that you would love it! Let’s try the best Baklava in London.